Draft Equipment and Repair

TAP’D Draft is a trusted partner with the country’s leading suppliers of draft parts and equipment. We stock various parts to get or system up and pouring perfectly when issues arise. Contact us today for any needed repairs or upgrades.

Maintenance Program

TAP’D also offers a draft system maintenance program to help prevent failure when you least expect it.  Preventative maintenance on your draft system, including the power pack (glycol cooling unit) is the key to system longevity and profitability. Our skilled technicians will inspect and clean your glycol chiller or let you know if a HVAC certified technician is needed.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss pricing and further details.

Line Maintenance and Cleaning

TAP’D Draft Solutions, formerly Cuffs Tap Service, has been cleaning lines in the Northern California since 1999 – and we do it well! Draft line cleaning and maintenance is the key to pouring your kegged products the way the maker intended. If you are a distributor, craft brewer, or retail account we can contract to clean your lines once or on a reoccurring schedule. When the products taste great your customers will always want one more!